Cinema Lenses


Hey friends! When I initially bought the X-H1, I intended to use it to shoot films and short promo videos, which is a big part of my income. So far, I haven’t done much of this, but it seems like I might be shooting a lot more starting soon.

Of course, Fujifilm has great lenses for photography, but I’d prefer a set of manual lenses for cinema. I was hoping to create this topic to discuss some of the options.

The first set I saw were the Veydra Micro Primes. The optical character wasn’t for everyone, but I really liked it. In a lot of the demo videos shot on the Sony FS7 or FS5, I thought they looked really nice. Duclos started offering a mount swap to make them native for Fuji X-Mount. However, a theft a few years ago seems to have crippled them, and they’ve all but vanished. I’m hoping they make a return, but it’s definitely not certain.

Rokinon has a set of budget cine lenses in X-Mount. These have long been sort of the go-to for first cinema lenses for recent film school graduates. They’re a little soft, and I don’t really like the optical quality, but they’re not terrible.

SLR Magic just ported their Micro Prime set to X-Mount. I’ve seen a few test films on these, and they seem interesting. Anyone have any experience shooting on them?

It seems like Meike is going to begin offering a set of cinema lenses as well for X-Mount, but so far I’ve only seen their 25mm. Anyone seen any more of these in the wild, or shot with them?

There’s also of course a lot of lenses that could be adapted for this purpose. Some Voigtlander sets, some Zeiss sets. Has anyone shot a film on an adapted set? What did you think?