Choosing between the XF35mm f/1.4 or f/2


Well I’m on a possible buy of the f/1.4 (2nd hand clean) for 300€…
From what I’ve read thanks to you all, I must say it is very tempting,
its mood lot of users talked about is really appealing to me.
What do you think ? Is that a correct price for it ?
From my researches it seems to be less expensive than the usual money asked for a 35mm 1.4…
Also will it be ok mounted on my future X-T20 and its larger sensor ?
Must decide quickly for next monday ot tuesday.


It’s great on X-T20 and X-Pro1!


Thanks a lot @rokphish ! Appreciated.


No problemo! Let us know what you decide and how it goes…


I will. I’m gonna see it this afternoon and if it is in nice shape and tests are ok I think i’ll buy it.
Could always sell it later if not satisfied after a while…
Sure, will let you know later here how it goes on my x-e2 and x-t20.


Hei Mike,

I own the 1.4 version and love it. I tried both of them and didn’t like the 2.0 as much as the faster lens(bokeh on the 1.4 is just more beautiful). Some weeks ago i spoke with Fuji X photographer Tilman Jentzsch about those two lenses and he also bought the 2.0 after owning the 1.4 but switched back to the faster 1.4.

I hope I could help :slight_smile:


Thanks 4 the feedback Retus @iamretusrieben


Well… It was almost like brand new so I ended buyin’ it :grin:
Now I’ve to make good use of it but after just a few portrait test shots I already love the result at f1.4 or f2.
Glad with both my 23 and 35 f1.4.
Thanks all for your thoughts that helped me guys.


Good for you! The 23 is a bit expensive and big for me… So far I’m liking my Zonlai Discover 25mm f1.8


Yeah expensive even as a 2nd hand…
Don’t know any Zonlai will check that out.