Capture One 12 is out. Support for Fujifilm film simulations!


Capture One 12 was announced and released today. It now supports natively the Fujfilm film simulations (Velvia, Astia, Provia, Classic Chrome, ACROS, Pro NEG etc…).

Also new are radial and gradient filters (much like in Lightroom, even I think a bit better)

And luminosity masks!

It’s a great update for us Fujifilm users, you can find more informations on this website they created for the release:


This is aweeeeeeeeeesome!!!


They improved the control over feathering in radial filter, very nice


Would be great, if people who got it, could maybe give some feedback. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using it in place of Lightroom on the free trial since it came out and have been super impressed. I think I’m going to make the full time switch. The workflow and results seem much nicer than what I was getting out of Lightroom with X-Transformer.


Trying it, the interface is a different so the jump is not straightforward.

A few highlight of what I found:

  • till now I used Lightroom classic, Capture One seems to be faster and more responsive.
  • in the import it takes a while to check for duplicates
  • in Lightroom I use the pick/reject flag as a first check (rejecting all out of focus or blurred photos), before using the star rating, I didn’t found this type of flag in CaptureOne.
  • for infrared photos there is no need to create a camera profile to get the temperature below 2000 Kelvin, just pick the white balance.
  • I didn’t found anything similar to the Transform panel in Lightroom to correct the geometry.


What you are looking for is Sessions, is one of the two available workflows in Capture One. Obviously have some differences with Lightroom but is the same idea.

I know you can apply the transformations but I can’t remember right now the name or location of the panel. I almost never use it.


@mombelli.marco By default the transformations are under Lens Correction, Keystone.