Canon lens adapter for Fujifilm X-Mount


Hello everyone! I want to buy the fuji xt3 but also i already have canon lenses, so there are some adaptors that i can buy to mount canon ef lenses to fuji xt3 ? i want it for videos so i need really good autofocus


I’m going to pick up a Fringer adapter this weekend, so I’ll keep the group posted on how it works.

I also want it to handle AF well. It has a decent reputation from what I can find, and they issue firmware updates frequently to add new lenses, but they don’t seem to have had many problems.



yes, on the af department, i heard fringer is the one, although still not 100%.

i also heard that many videographers prefer manual focus for precision focusing.


I haven’t tested the Fringer adapter (EF-FX Pro, firmware version 2.70) thoroughly, but so far it seems pretty good. AF with the X-T2 and Canon 100-400 mkII searches back and forth one quick cycle before locking on, where the Fuji 100-400 slowly locks on. The Fuji may obtain PDAF lock a little more reliably, but maybe not as quickly. The Canon might maintain continuous AF tracking a little better than the Fuji lens. I’m going on memory for the Fuji lens here because I don’t have it with me right now. I’ll test both side by side later, but a quick first assessment is that the Canon might be a little less accurate but quicker and track at least as well as and maybe better than the Fuji. There seems to be a bigger difference between using PDAF and CDAF sensors with the Canon, though, but you still get a bigger PDAF area than with a Canon camera. The Canon isn’t much more than usable with the X-T2’s outer CDAF points. The Fuji 100-400 is definitely better with CDAF points.

The OIS function also works very well. I can consistently hand-hold the Canon at 1/30 to 1/15 sec at 135mm with no (or almost no) visible shake. The Canon IS is better behaved than Fuji’s, too. The Fuji IS tends to make the image drift around enough to interfere with framing, while the Canon doesn’t wander around and does just as good a job at counteracting camera shake.

That it’s hard to decide which is better is a big thumbs up for Fringer. They did a good job. The adapter itself looks and feels very good, locks securely to the lens and camera, and the aperture ring works just like on an FX lens. I’ll do a flat-field test to check the adapter alignment, and test with Canon and Fuji teleconverters later. The firmware is also easy to update. It came with version 2.60 and I upgraded it to versin 2.70 with no (non-cable-related) problems. If I had to make a recommendation to someone looking for a 100-400 zoom right now, I’d say get the Canon lens and Fringer adapter rather than the Fuji lens. The Canon has a significantly better mechanical design, with a usable zoom clutch, better-behaved IS, and a little better feel to the zoom and focus mechanisms, and it also focuses closer.

More later.

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