Calling everyone with big Lightroom catalogs!


A lot of NAS setups like Drobo, WD My Cloud, and Synology allow you to sync with services like Backblaze, AWS, or Crashplan. My Western Digital NAS has this feature… I haven’t set it up though


I heard that to work with editing photos best suited Mac, is it true? Also I have my favorite free collection for lightroom


I have 2 x 2TB External Hard Drives which both house a complete archive of all my photos as well as the LR Library containing all the edited LR photos.

I immediately transfer all new shots from my SD card to my EHD archive after shooting. Then, I will go through all the shots I want to keep and bring them into LR for editing.

Once the LR catalogue gets to 100GB I transfer that chunk of the library to the EHD and then keep repeating every 100 GB. I also find that keeping the LR catalogue smaller on my Macbook improves performance when editing (well, for me anyway).

So, I usually only have 1-2 months (100 GB approx) of photos on my Macbook in LR at a time. If I need something from older than that I just plug in my EHD. I find this method quick and easy and allows me to keep two copies of the most important photos for some piece of mind.