By The Sea - Street at the Beach


I’d like to share an ongoing personal project with you.

This is a series of images that I’ve shot over two years, (exclusively with Fujifilm X cameras.)

These shots are a combination of X-T1, X-Pro1 and X-Pro2.

Nearly everywhere I’ve lived in the UK (except Bristol) has been very much in-land, but now we are here in Porto I live near the sea :slight_smile:

Truth be told… Many of my UK friends are a bit jealous that we live near the sea (and in a temperate climate!), but to be honest, I’m not really one for the water - it frightens me, besides the Atlantic is very cold :slight_smile:

But it seems to be a common human desire, no?

To be by the sea

I’ve become very enamoured with where the land and the water meet, the people you see there and the activities they engage in.

So using a (loose) ‘Street’ style and a documentary eye I’ve tried to shoot as many candid humanistic shots from the coastline as possible.

As you might imagine… This has generated a LOT of images!

To try and keep this concise - I’ve curated this series down to 10 shots.

10 shots that I hope explore people’s emotions around the sea, what people do, and perhaps what people think, when they’re by the sea

Shot mainly with the XF35 F1.4, but one with the XF18.

The PP was conducted using Irident dng Convertor, SilkyPix Pro v8 and NIK Colour Efex.

For the look, I wanted a bit of a homage to the work of John Hinde, using bright and slightly surreal colours to reinforce the nature of being in the zone between terra firma and aqua, and to show that people go to the beach not to be in their everyday world.

Now I know this isn’t your bog standard street stuff, which is why I’ve given it its own topic. (Sincerely, I’m not planning to make a new topic every time I want to post a shot)

I hope you enjoy the series.

The Calm


Seaward Steps

Calm and Wild

Turning Your Back

Stroll on By

The Split

Together Ready

Beach Ghosts

Will a Ship Come In


This is a really nice collection, Adam. It makes me feel like I spent a nice day by the sea.


Thank you very much.

I wanted each shot to have a small sense of isolation, so on the surface they’re quite glossy and happy but with an undercurrent of not quite being totally at home.

Which is basically what it’s like living here for me :smile:


I like second, third, and fourth photos which portray the isolation feel more…


Thanks, isolation isn’t just a solitary person though

The two surfers one (I’m fond of that one) they’re very much together, but they’re about to isloate themselves in the ocean, on an apparently (not really eh, cos I was there with my camera) beach


Yeah, they’re open to interpretation (based on many variables). Having title, caption, or a little story would help to steer/understand the scene as you view it.

The one I mentioned are more straight forward/simple/universal.

Also, notice I didn’t mention photo number one despite having solitary person.



Very true about open to interpretation

Each one has a title, I’m quite big on titles



I like this collection. The concept af showing a series of photos brings an extra dimension to each an every photo. You did very well…there is a consistency in the series as well as a quality in each of the photos.
Thanks for sharing…you inspired me to get more into series myself :grinning:


Thank you @Go-4-it

I like series, for me at least - they force you to go back to the same sorts of places, you leave the house with a specific idea in mind, which evolves over time and as you amass more and more images, you can continuously re-curate them to refine what you’re doing

These were all shot within about a mile of each other too!


@AdamBonn you really need to go to the Azores, where is ocean and waves all around! Great post!
Not the right place, but i need to share this, in natural swimming pools, during a tropical stirmeorm here at Terceira island:


That’s a great shot Lino

Maybe how people react to the sea in the Azores is a personal project you could embark on, like I’ve done with mine here?


Right, Adam! As we live with sea all around and most people live for the ocean (lots of people work as fisherman here), or the connection between all nine islands by seaboat, here is a couple of examples:

Story teller

Arriving home