Best USB chargers that are small and portable for NP-W126S


Hi all,

Pretty much the title, anyone got their suggestions for the best usb chargers for the camera batteries?
I am looking for something small and compact that can be ideally plugged into a battery pack.



I use wasabi dual batteries charger when I travel. I carry two so I can charge 4 batteries at the same time if need be, thus I don’t have to get up at night to swap and charge batteries to use the next day. Also as a backup if one of the chargers died. It’s small, two of them is about the same size as one of the original charger.


I have heard of Wasabi batteries and the chargers, ill have to give them a look


Here’s a comparison photo.


Thanks for providing the comparison, its crazy how thick the Fujifilm one is. Guess ill have to get a wasabi!


When at home and I have the time I use the original charger to charge though.


I’ve been using the Nitecore FX1 dual battery USB charger for the past couple of months and it’s been great. It doesn’t have many reviews on amazon, and the ones that are there are pretty bad, but I can’t say I’ve found any problems with it. I haven’t tried plugging it into a power bank, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work fine with that. It’s very compact, only ~1cm taller than 2 NP-W126(s) batteries, the USB cable is built into the body, and the batteries are held pretty securely while in the charger.


I am glad someone here has a Nitecore to talk about, I was very close to pulling the trigger but then saw bad reviews that it broke down after a week. I personally also prefer the look of that over the wasabi. Thanks for you reply!