Best Overall Fuji X Mount Prime Lens


Based on your experiences and knowledge, looking for your expert opinions as to what the best overall Fuji X prime lens is.

I shoot a variety of things from portraits and street photography to architecture and scapes… Currently using two XC zoom lenses which cover a whole lot of range but now I’m looking to make the jump to a quality prime lens.

The primes I hear the most about are the 23, 35 and 50 and any of those seem like they might be a good fit for what I like to shoot, but I’d like to hear the forums’ feedback.

Please leave a comment to explain why your pick is the best overall prime lens! Things to potentially think about? Versatility, clarity/sharpness, durability, build quality…

  • 14 mm - F2,8 R
  • 16 mm - F1.4 WR
  • 18 mm - F2 R
  • 23 mm - F2 R WR
  • 23 mm - F1.4 R
  • 27 mm - F2.8
  • 35 mm - F1.4 R
  • 35 mm - F2 R WR
  • 50 mm - F2 R WR
  • 56 mm - F1.2 R
  • 56 mm - F1.2 R APD
  • 60 mm - F2.4 R Macro
  • 80 mm - F2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro
  • 90 mm - F2 R LM WR

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The fact that I voted for a 23 over a 35 or 50 is just personal preference for that focal length.
That I chose the f2 … it is small, light, weather-resistant and comparatively cheap, delivers tack-sharp images and f2 bokeh is good enough for me. What’s not to like?


My favorite among the few that I have used is the 35mm f1.4 as its field of view is what I see best. I like the in focus to out of focus transitions, the colors, and low light capabilities. To my eye it produces images with a more organic look which pleases me. On the X-T2 the focusing speed is not an issue for me and superficially I have grown to like how it looks with the hood. :slightly_smiling_face:


90mm f2 is like a katana, sharp as heck and beautiful bokeh effect. Limited use model, but when you need to pull out all the stops on a moderate tele, this is the you want to have.


35 1.4

35mm is a pretty well rounded, normal focal length.

The f1.4 version is perfect optically and just has that organic look - as mentioned by @mBad - that the f2 lacks.


Another vote for the XF 35mm 1.4.

I think it’s the best all-around prime in Fuji’s lineup, versatile enough to cover what you’re looking for.


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, this has all been very helpful info. Definitely considering the 35mm F1.4 R as my first Prime lens!


I voted for the 16mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4 and 90mm f/2 which are sharpest lenses Fujifilm has in the line up.
For a long time for me personally the 16mm was the sharpest lens, since I use it the most. However yesterday I used the 90mm for the first time and it blew me a away. One stop down at f/2.8 it is tack sharp and the bokeh is very nice as well.
Not to mention of course the 35mm f/1.4. I recently switched back to it from the f/2 version. I should have never sold the f/1.4 version when I had it the first time…


How many people voted and haven’t compared lenses thoroughly though.


Agree with many that the 35mm f/1.4 is probably the best overall lens for image quality (pretty slow to focus though). Having said that, given the range of things that you shoot, I think the 23mm f/1.4 might actually be your best bet. The 35mm could be a bit tight for capturing tall buildings or city scopes, and some people prefer the wider view of the 23mm for street photography.


I voted 35/1.4

Fuji broke the mould after making that lens!

Not only is the focal length a decent all rounder (although 23 might be more versatile)

The lens itself is a great all rounder of size, price, weight, fast aperture, and IQ

The APD might render a little nicer, but is heavy and costs a lot

The 56 has a faster aperture, but like the APD you pay for it

The 23/1.4 is also optically straight, and has a fast aperture, but is large and expensive

The 23/f2 is smaller, but is also softer, you lose a stop and it vignette’s like the start of a classic Bond movie

Of course the original 35 isn’t WR nor the last word in AF, so if those features are important shop elsewhere, but IMO for price v design it has no equal, every other lens that beats one of its features introduces a signifigant price and weight penalty


Thanks for all the feedback! I will probably get the 35/1.4. It’s currently going for $700 Canadian. Does anyone know if Fuji drops their prices for the holidays? Or will this likely always stay around $700 CDN?


35mm f/2 all day every day great lens and its nice and compact.


I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and thinking regarding the 35mm F1.4 and F2. For me it looks like it’s coming down to $250-$300 CDN for a stop of light.

Going by the poll, it appears that the 35mm F2 is rather undervalued/under-appreciated? My budget is on the tighter end of things and I’ve been debating the situations that I’d be using the lens in as to determine if that extra stop of light will be deal breaker. I feel like the weather WR is also a really important feature that I would like to have. I’m leaning more F2 and give up the stop for the lower cost. It may come back to bite me later. But, I’ve a found a virtually brand new F2 being sold locally (few hours use) for $400 CDN / $310 US so I think I might just go ahead on do that…

However, it would be great to hear someone else’s thoughts on comparing these two lenses!



For me the 1.4 version isn’t about an extra stop, it’s about having a different “character”. I would never trade it for the F2 version. I often use it at F4. It just has this special something. Maybe it’s the number of elements, maybe it’s the optics. I don’t know. But it seems to have also more micro-contrast. WR isn’t so important for me, I don’t shoot under the rain (or if I do I get an umbrella).


A stop of light is like toiket paper

Irrelevant if you don’t need it and desperately important if you need it and don’t have it available

The f1.4 has a different character to the images. Some prefer it, some are ambivalent


Good insight, thanks!


I just got the XF50 couple of days ago and so far I’m super impressed. Not only is it amazingly sharp, it also has great micro contrast (which gives the black and whites its awesome lively look). If you like the 75-field-of-view this lens is a must own for portraiture and street.