Best checks when buying a used lens? 35mm f1.4


Any tips on how to make sure I wouldn’t be getting ripped off when buying a used lens?

I’ve never purchased a used lens before and found a pretty good deal on a 35mm F1.4. But it’s still a lot of money so I’m a bit cautious…

Is the best way to just hold it up to the light and check the glass or bring my camera and laptop snap some photos, pop the card into the laptop and then zoom-in in lightroom and check all the detail? This latter option seems like it might be overkill. Thoughts?


Hey Anton,
Well I’ve been mostly buying 2nd hand lenses for years both for my Nikon and now for my Fujis and I never had any troubles…
Yes, usually I bring my camera to quickly test the lens.
I check AF, and also the aperture and focusing rings to be sure they rotate smoothly and don’t have any ‘hard’ points.
I also check the light through lens to see any optical problems (scratches, important dust or mushrooms)
and I take a few shots at different focusing distances and apertures.
Last one bought was the 35mm f1,4 for 300€ and def. love it :wink:

Wish you a good buy!


I would recommend mounting it, taking a few test shots etc. Manually inspect the lens for dust, scratches, blemishes, etc, and ask the seller if there’s anything important of note. I think as long as the focus is accurate and fast, and you can’t immediately tell any issues with the glass or operation, go for it.

I think actually dumping a card is well within your right, but maybe a bit overkill. It’s a mutual interaction; as long as you always remember you can walk away, and don’t let them change the agreement you’d reached, I think you’ll be good!


Thanks! I bought the lens already!

Almost a year ago! Works good! ;)


Oh wow, glad it all worked out for you! I’m a bit late to the boards here, sorry!