Best B&W settings


Hallo, I’m looking for best b&w settings for xt10 or x-mouth?


Hi, it depends if you’re going to shoot JPEG or RAW, since the RAW file won’t keep the B&W setting you applied. Personally I prefer to shoot in RAW and then apply the B&W in post, so you can handle the results better. However, thanks to the marvels of Fuji RAW files, you can apply all film simulations in post, so if you’re shooting on Acros, but in RAW at the same time, you can apply the same settings you were using on the camera, except from the sharpness, noise reduction, color and highlight/shadow tone.

If you’re shooting on JPEG, on the other hand, all settings are going to be applied to the files. I personally never have shot on JPEG since I prefer having more flexiblity on post, so I don’t have any opinion on that.

Hope it helps!


Thanks for your advise