Beginning with Fuji - A newbie


Hello Everyone:

I am a photography enthusiast and I have been reading about the Fuji X - T# for quite a while. I have saved up and I am just about ready to make my first Fuji purchase of the X - T2. Is there part of this forum where beginners can ask very fundamental questions and learn the basics? If not, can we start a beginner’s thread?

In any event I look forward to learning from the people who are sharing their expertise via FujiFeed and I thank you in advance.


J. Ross


Hi there!
I’m just beginning as well (with my Fuji X-T20).
I guess, for now, you could post at the Gear section and ask away.
Have you made instagram account or any other place to post your photos?


I currently am using a Nikon D3300 for general photography and a bridge camera (Canon SX50 HS) for birds and wildlife. Neither of these are what I would call “great” cameras, but they have gotten me where I am today and I am looking to move up.

I know there are probably some good books about the X T-2 and I would be interested in hearing about those and whether they include the current firmware upgrades, etc.

I am happy to just hang out at the various threads to see what I can learn.

If you want to see some of my work, you can check out my Instagram account:

I don’t post as often as I should, but I do what I can!

Thanks for getting back to me.


I looked through your ig briefly and those look good!
I’m sure you’ll be doing just fine with your new xt2 in no time.

As far as book, I read that Dan Bailey ( had just published his book on X series cameras. Not X-T2 especially, but probably will do just fine. I haven’t read it, but saw some reviews that mention it to be a great source.
I read his blogs and reviews and like his writings.


Hey @jbross, great question! I think this could benefit a lot of people including myself :slight_smile:

When I bought my X-T2, I went through this course,

Fuji X-T2 Fast Start

It really helped me to get the camera settings right, or at least to know what I had just bought, instead of going through the manual, which sometimes can be overwhelmed. Hopefully, helps you as well.


Thank you. I took a quick look, but will go back. I wish they would add an additional lesson on the recent firmware upgrades because I am especially interested in bracketing.

Thanks for chiming in!

[ Jeff ]