Avoiding vignetting with the X T-2


1 - If I put a 58-77 step up ring on the X T-2 and a B+W 77MM polarizing filter, will I get vignetting when using the 18-55 kit lens?

2 I don’t need to use the lens hood, but could I purchase a different lens hood to avoid vignetting? If so, which one and where to purchase?

Thanks for your consideration.


For number 2:

The poster mentioned no vignetting with vented hood on his 18-55, while a user commenting he got vignetting on his.

I bought one vented for mine, and it vignettes on widest (18mm). So perhaps it depends on luck/which brand of vented hood you get. Unfortunately it’s a no brand so couldn’t tell you which brand to avoid.


Thanks for the input. I just sent an email to Fuji to get their thoughts. If I hear anything interesting, I will post it here. I appreciate you responding to my questions as this is my first experience with Fuji!

Regards, Jeff Ross


No problem. So far I just put up with the original hood, or use it without.


I called Fuji technical support for the X T-2 (on order) and asked them about putting a 58-77 step up ring on the X T-2 and a B+W 77MM polarizing filter using the 18-55 kit lens and they didn’t think this would be an issue.