Astrophotographers unite! Looking for people to do some astro with


Do you have someone to go do astrophotography with? Is your girlfriend not enthusiastic about staying late in the nigh and cold just to get some starry sky pictures? Friends give you a strange look when you start talking about M31 and M25 and light pollution?

Fear not! If you are looking for fellow astrophotography maniacs, just mention where do you live in, or where you go for holidays) and hopefully you will find someone!

Starting from myself - I’m located in London and looking for fellow enthusiasts from the UK. My usual shooting locations are Wales and the Isle of Wight, Lake / Peak District are on the list as well :slight_smile:


I am in Oregon, I am planing to go to Cape Lookout, I have seen the Milky Way around May or June (google Cape Lookout milky way) will be with my grandson, it is nice campground free from light pollution, one draw back is Oregon, one hr is awesome and then every thing goes.

But worth the chances.

any how hope if some one like to visit Oregon Coast is worth the trip.

Kind Regards


Montreal, Qc, Canada. Same issue here! xD


After looking here and there I think best bet to team up with someone is to look at facebook groups like “Milky Way Chasers”, “New Milky Way” etc. there are plenty of people there actively posting pictures and asking questions…


Hey Wojciech, I am back in the UK (London & Norfolk) for a long weekend this weekend - would be great to go out shooting if the night sky conditions are good!


Sure we can, let’s continue the discussion on Insta :)