Amateur Candid Photographer from NC


Hello from Raleigh North Carolina, USA! I’m an amateur candid photographer who is new to the Fuji family. Having been a Canon shooter for 15+ years, I switched to my Fuji X-T2 in early March, just in time for the birth of my second child. Ended up having to spend some time in the NICU and I got the most precious shots in low light and cramped spaces that I rarely could’ve achieved with my Canon gear.

My instagram is more about my personal life and often iPhone shots instead of stuff from my Fuji but you are welcome to look - @theonecubed.

My photos are available at


Hi Jason and welcome on the forum! Switching to the T2 after 15 years of Canon must have felt like a breeze of fresh air :slight_smile: I hope that you’ll enjoy this place!