Affinity Publisher. Opinions? Fujifilm simulations?


I’ve always been a faithful LR user. However, now with the monthly charges to use their program it’s gonna start adding up. So, was considering some alternatives… A magazine editor friend of sorts just told me that he is switching over to Affinity Publisher. Its a one time $48 charge and you can bring in and edit all file including Adobe files. He claims that it can do everything that Photoshop / LR can except he doesn’t have to keep paying for a monthly subscription…

  • Has anyone used this program? If so, can you voice your opinion/thoughts?
  • Does anyone know if the Fuji Simulations can be uploaded like we can in LR so we can apply to the RAW’s?



I have owned or rented most programs to date. I do not use publisher but I do own Affinity Photo and while it is a very complete program every time I go back and try to like it I fail. It just seems to be all over the place. As for Affinity Publisher being used as a Lightroom replacement or photoshop replacement, I have to question that.

Adobe products with the subscription is not something I like and ultimately only use for one reason. The reason is its eco system which allows me to sync between my desktop Mac, my Macbook Pro and my Ipad Pro 10.5. I am always in sync with any changes I make on every machine. But truthfully I hate their Library, but many love it. That is why I have alternative DAM system set up.

That said, for my Fuji files I have had great success with Alien Skin X3 and while I also own On1 Photo Raw, which I find it unstable, after almost a year and a half of having it on my machines.

But I would truly like to know how your friend uses Affinity Publisher for Raw file processing because it actually is not designed for that.


I am sure that you mean Affinity Photo, which is a Photoshop replacement not a Lightroom replacement. It is a pixel editor and it works quite well. For most uses I use On1 Photo Raw which I find works rather well. Affinity is worth it when you need a photoshop replacement. Try On1, also try Capture One, most programs have 30 day trials. There is a also an open source free replacement for Lightroom called Darktable. Lots of options see what works for you.


anybody here have any experience with this:
ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2018