Affinity Photo for Fujifilm files


Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with using Affinity Photo for all fuji files vs Lightroom? thinking of making the switch because I want to get maximum sharpness and clarity from my images and I feel that Lightroom is still not delivering quite right. Also kind of getting tired with the monthly fees haha.

Any thoughts would be welcome. thanks


The last time I checked affinity they were not supporting the Fuji raw files! Better substitute would be luminaries 2018 or capture one for Fuji!


Use fuji X raw studio and use jpg created by camera, best results! :blush:


I’ve used affinity Photo for fuji files for several years. It works wonderfully!

The raw files from the new XT3 are not fully supported (sports mode and high speed electronic shutter images are wonky), but raws from other cameras are great.

There are a couple of threads here talking about getting the settings tweaked for maximum quality. Check those out.


I have been using Iridient X-Transformer for converting RAW files of the X-T3.
Wow, I couldn’t be happier…much better than ACR. I upgraded from the X-T2 and the improvement in RAW file conversion using Iridient has been a pleasure.


Thanks all for your suggestions and feedback, looks like I need to have a think about what I need most for my workflow