AF settings for Street Photo


Hi everyone,

I have been using my XT-2 for street photo for 3 months, and it’s been great, but sometimes when I shoot faster (in terms of workflow) the AF fails and focuses somewhere else. This happens specially when wait for a moving subject to enter the frame, or when I do “headshots” (imagine Bruce Gilden). I’m currently using the zone AF, which is supposed to focus easier and faster than the single point AF. What do you recommend for this type of shooting? Should I use AF-C or a custom AF settings? Or maybe should I start zone focusing, but I would prefer not to. By the way, I use the 18-55 f/2.8-4, if that helps.


It’s compromise between getting the nice dof (but might miss the focus and the moment) and using smaller aperture and get the shot (everything is in focus).

For the latter, use of zone focusing with aperture 5.6-8 so all you need to do is point and shot.

For the former, really need to learn patience and letting go because at times you just miss the moment/shot because of the time you need to get the correct focus on your desired point, but when you do get it, you’ll be so very happy. Use of zone focusing and/or face-eye detect doesn’t guarantee the shot because of some miss reading by the camera or you just want to focus on something else instead of what the camera decided.


Thanks, I’ll try zone focusing for the moment while I find the correct AF setting for me :smile:


Good luck and let us know how it goes…


I might be a bit unconventional but i actually try to use single point AF-S and using the af-point-joystick to quickly get the proper focus. For me it has worked well but I might try out some zone focusing to see if it works even better.


I’m doing it the same way as you Molle @mysocialsolitude as I’m usually taking the time to compose my frame rather than shooting quickly.
But when out with the Samyang 12mm I’m using zone focusing (hyperfocal)
Might try that with the 23mm or 35mm f1.4 also.