Advice needed/wanted X-Pro2 vs X-H1


I love my X-Pro1 but i feel i need an upgrade of speed as i am now one of those guys who takes a lot of images of his child in a proud parent way.
I bought the X100F and am loving it but i feel i am missing the f1.4 of my 23mm (+ 35mm)

So what would you guys recommend, i am torn between the X-Pro2 and X-H1. They look of similar size, I never liked the handling of the XT cameras so they are out of the equation.

I wonder if i would regret going not getting the rangefinder style i love. The X-H1 looks like a well balanced camera and the IBIS is intriguing.

As a little note it would be a back up to my GFX for BTS images/Videos, portraits etc… and obviously photos of the kid.

Which one would compliment and sit nicely in-between the GFX & X100F

Would love to hear some thoughts.


As an Xpro2 owner who came from an Xpro1 Its the best dam camera I have used (for my needs anyway, I primarily shoot street photography) the feel and build is better overall and the upgrades in af and sensor performance, card slots etc makes it worth it for me. It would really depend on your needs and what types of lenses you have, I see you have the 23 and 35 both of those will be well balanced on both the cameras, however with xh1 you would probably have more lenses to choose from in terms of weight and balance.

The XH-1 is also the more video centric camera of the lineup, with great video features (I can’t say exactly what they are but there is a list of good stuff in there) Have you considered the newly released XT-3? new sensor design which reduces the purple grid issues and the fastest AF to date which would be more fitting for your outlined needs?



Thanks for the reply! I was thinking my 56mm would be well balanced on the X-H1, although i dont mind it on the X-Pro1. Food for thought.
I really don’t like the feel of the XT-2 so even though its a great camera the XT-3 is off the list.

I guess it will come down to style. I love the X-Pro as an design object and that makes me want to pick it up!


Its the rangefinder that brought me to Fujifilm, previously I was a Canon shooter but I doubt ill ever go back now having full manual controls on my camera and a sleek look.

Depending on where you are there should be some good cash back deals on Fujifilm gear at the moment. I have seen the body quite reduced if you are going to pick one up


Hey there. I have both cameras and use them both quite often. I’m inclined to say, go with the X-Pro2. Since you’re taking lots of picture of your kid, I think that’d be the better choice. I use my X-Pro2 mostly when I’m in front of people, as it’s not very intimidating. I find that people are more comfortable in front of it, it doesn’t scream, pro-camera. Point a full frame body with a 2.8 lens at someone and they’re very aware of it. I’ve found that people notice the X-Pro2 and then ignore it.