I have owned my X00F for about a month. I always shot RAW, well until i discovered ACROS last weekend. I have never bothered with jpeg only shooting but now I am feeling it is a positive thing. (Raw+jpeg mind) I actually don’t think i will switch off this simulation very often now. Its so perfect, it makes everything look good.

Nothing special to see here, just a few snaps from this past week.


I love how similar to the real ACROS it is.


I never shot it myself, i use to always use Astia for my projects when I shot film. I have thought of dusting off the Mamiya RZ and putting some ACROS in there.

You are based in Brazil right? Where do you get your film processed?


A few more in ACROS from my weekend journey from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte


Yes, I’m in Brazil. For film, I only shoot BW and I process them myself


Two shots using ACROS from when I was learning to develop film. The city at night was a 10-minute exposure.