Aaron from Lakewood, CA



My camera history started with a 110 film camera when I was kid, to an Olympus point & shoot in high school, to a Canon AE-1 Program in college to the Canon EOS Elan IIe as a “serious hobbyist”, to the Canon EOS 1N for weddings (yuck). Got married & had kids so I needed something smaller so I tradded the 1N & lenses and went digital with the Canon PowerShot Pro1. That eventually broke so I used the iPhone for a while.

Currently shoot with an X-E2 with the XF16mm f/1.4 but primarily with the XF35mm f/1.4. Thinking about trading the XF16mm for the XF56mm. Depending on how the rumored X-E3 turns out, I may upgrade to that or if it’s a disappointment, trade everything in for the X100F.

I’m up for an outing to go shooting in the Los Angeles or Orange County area of SoCal!

Instagram: @aaronbird


:joy: I was thinking the same. The X100F is such a perfect little camera. Welcome to the forum, hope you’ll enjoy it here!


Interesting story Aaron!
I’ll definitely check your IG

IG: @shootstills