A few street shots from Lisboa


I was visiting Lisboa in april 2017 and absolutely loved getting lost in the small streets of the oldtown.
Every 10 steps I felt I have someething to shoot from stairs, perspective, silhouettes etc…
Def. recommend the city to any streephotographer ;)
I’ll share here a few ones to hopefully share the ‘feeling’ Lisboa has to offer…

Fuji X20

Fuji X20

XPro1 - Samyang 12mm

Xe2 - 23mm f1.4

Samyang lenses on Fuji X-Cameras

Nice to see my hometown through the eyes of a visitor! :slight_smile: Love the composition on the 1st one!


Muito obrigado Luis.
I appreciate sincerely your feedback!
I fell In love with the city at 1st sight and have walked through the old parts of it from early morning to late night :wink:
Will post a few more soon.


XPro1 - Samyang 12mm - 6400 - 1/20s

X-Pro1 - Samyang 12mm - 2500 - 1/40s

X-Pro1 - Samyang 12mm - 400 - 1/200s

X-E2 - 23mm - 400 - 1/40s - f/6.4