A few photos from Pigeon Point Lighthouse [X-T2]


171202_14-19-52_X-T2-140 mm_141952 by Staufhammer, on Flickr

171202_14-53-05_X-T2-129.2 mm_ by Staufhammer, on Flickr

(Less of a landscape, but it goes with the other images)

171202_15-09-54_X-T2-140 mm_150954 by Staufhammer, on Flickr

171202_15-34-42_X-T2-23 mm_ by Staufhammer, on Flickr

171202_15-54-17_X-T2-23 mm_ by Staufhammer, on Flickr

_DSF5210 by Staufhammerr, on Flickr

I think the only lenses I ended up using were the 50-140mm and 23mm WR on my X-T2. Lots of cloud cover, so not too spectacular of a sunset, but always a nice place to visit! The final image was about a ~15 minute exposure with some cheap ND filters stacked in front, so it would only work in B&W from the massive color cast. :laughing:

Looking at these now it looks like I left them a little underexposed in post - oops! :frowning_face:


Nice ones.
Love the lighthouse with those colors!

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