50-230 small blurry spots


I’m not sure if this happens with all lenses randomly or just this model.

I have 2 other lenses and have done testing in all types of light and different shutter speeds. However, the 50-230 consistently shows 2 blurry spots and I always have to edit them out. They are always there no matter what.

I bought the lens brand new and the glass is spotless and untouched on both ends and nothing visible inside (firmware was updated as soon as I bought it).

Here is an example I have circled the two spots. These only show up when I use this lens. Thoughts? Has anyone had anything similar happen?


That looks like dirty sensor. Buy sensor cleaning kit and clean the sensor. Something like VSGO.


honest question: are there spots on the sensor that appear only with one lens?

I think there has to be some dirt on the lens (on either side).


Good question. I missed the earlier comments about the other lenses and just went straight to looking at the photo. Looking at the photo they are very similar to dirty sensor problem. However, if only happening with one lens, than, it’s the lens problem. Problem could be in the outer glass (front side or the back side) or could be inside. OP mentioned trying out the lenses in different lights and shutter speed, but should do the tests again with different apertures. Most common test would be using small aperture (f8 or smaller) at bright even color things such as clean sky or white paper.

I’m rooting for dirty sensor because it’s easier problem to solve.


Its only with that lens.


Yeah I will need to have a closer look at the glass, upon my last inspection I couldn’t see anything. I will also try some shots on white paper.


Do your tests with the lens stopped down all the way to show the specks best. The farther back in the optical system the specks are, the sharper they will look, sharpest of all right on the sensor (when the dust is there anyway). One of my lenses (24mm T/S-E) has always had a couple of spots that I can’t find when I shine a light through it. I think they must be really small and on one of those tiny inner elements. I had another lens (85/1.2) that had a metal flake appear on the front of the rear element, make spots for a while, and then disappear before I ever sent it in for cleaning. It’s still in there. Somewhere. Waiting…


Good to know! Thanks!


I had exactly the same thing with that exact lens on my XT-10. It didn’t show on other lenses. But a quick blow and clean of the sensor sorted it. I think it’s simply that you are likely to use the 50-230mm at different apertures from those you use on shorter focal length lenses.
By the way, the auto focus on that lens is not lightening fast is it? I was using it at the Farnborough Airshow a week or two ago and found it very slow to focus.

Still did manage this shot.&


Ahhhh very good point, that could be it! I always hate leaving it open. I usually try to change the lenses as fast and smoothly as possible. Yeah, it’s real slow, and very bad in low light…amazing with lots of light though.


Yeah, mine is super slow too. And it “sings” when the OIS is trying to do it’s thing, so much so that I’ve taken to calling it Barbra Streisand. :rofl: