35mm f1.4 issue?


I just bought a 35 f1.4 and have it paired with my XT10. Did the firmware update. Shooting in a brightly lit living room right now and when focusing on something the light in the viewfinder is bright for a second when I start with the initial focus and then goes darker. Has anyone had this happen or know how to correct this? I have it at f1.4 iso 200 1/2000 and in bright light. I’m nervous that there’s an issue with the lens. Any help would be appreciated.


Its still very sharp if I slow the Shutter speed. But I thought this lens was a hero in low light so was just alarmed when dark in bright living room even at 1/2000


Hmm not sure to understand your possible issue… You’re talking about dark then sharpness…
Is it the dark view in your finder when shooting or dark image resulting when you check your photos afterwards?
Will try it in my living room tomorrow to see how it reacts but I have done some test shots after i bought mine in my kitchen with no daylight and didn’t notice anything special…
Will let you know Anton.


Sorry should have explained it a bit better. When I press the shutter button halfway to auto focus, there is a half second when focusing that the light in the viewfinder is bright and looks correct and then immediately after it completes focusing on the point it goes much darker. When I take the shot it is the same darkness as what I see in the viewfinder. Is this normal operation? I was just alarmed since I thought even in living room with a several lights on that there would be quite a bit of light at f1.4 but no, it was surprisingly dark.


Well ok much clearer, sorry maybe it was from me as NB ot my native language :wink:
Well it sounds like normal activity.
Except for the darker than expected photo…
Have you checked your settings in the exif to be sure? I’m sure you know what you do but sometimes we forgot to check one…
Because indeed no reason to be dark.

Maybe you could upload a test shot here with all exif.


Here’s one test shot taken while buying mine (2nd hand) in the bar where I met the seller.
Not much light,
XE2 - sooc jpg - Iso 6400 - f2 - 1/85s


I took a picture of the guy I bought mine from too hahah I will check the details on that shot and post


Here is the test shot I took when I was also buying mine second hand. We were right under one of the lights as seen in the background. It was shot at ISO 1600, 1/125 at F1.4.

I was expecting that the photo would be this bright maybe at ISO 200, not 1600… Anyways, in your estimation does this look about right?


Oh yeah def. For me it’s normal behavior.
Look at mine, at 6400iso f2 1/85s…

I think you might be expecting too much for interior artificial light.
It also could vary depending on your AE measuring choice. Between multi/average and spot/center it could sometimes change quite a lot regarding your subject.
The main issues with lens as I said earlier on your post is ring smoothness (focus & aperture) and optical glasses… not much that light measuring itself which is done by your camera.

Let’s see if someone disagree with me, but while, keep on using the lens which is a real pleasure from 1.4 to 2.8 , sharpness and beautiful soft bokeh… For a quite reasonable size… :wink:


Okay thanks for the feedback! I will be testing this outdoors much more in the next few days and weeks as I head out on a trip tomorrow and will have a better look at the performance! I am hoping to find the sweet spot for very fast street photography shots with minimal grain and maximum light so, I’ll have to tinker with it a bit. Thanks!!


What are you AF and AE settings. If you are in spot metering that’s what’s happening.


Oh good call, I will check this and get back to you with my findings!


The evf view is a simulation until you half press the shutter, then the camera stops down to the working aperture

So if you’re shooting wide open you’ll notice less of a difference before/after half pressing the shutter than it you’re stopped down


Yeah I definitely notice that. Thanks for confirming.

A follow up question. I’ve been shooting a lot of street lately with this lens and I’m still getting familiar with it. I like to keep the camera on as I walk and I couldn’t help but notice that the lens is always focusing, I guess there’s no easy way around this though if I want to use autofocus right? Unless there are any tips you could offer? One way I did this was to hit play to view a photo and then click the shutter halfway to back into shooting mode. Thoughts?


It’s not always focusing (unless you have pre af on)

It’s usng the aperture to auto adjust the evf brightness, personally I leave my camera off, then when I want to take a shot I flickr it on as I raise it to my eye and it’s usually ready to go by the time it gets there


Doing the same as you Adam.
Never felt I was missing a shot…
I’ve also used the auto standby option (30s or 1mn) but sometime found the camera too slow to react when I was halfpressing the shutter to wake it up…