£10 Fisheye on X100F - Liverpool Museum


170819 Liverpool Museum Fisheye X100F by David Yeoman, on Flickr


Oooh I need one of those. Problem is, they seem to use the outdated ‘Series’ moniker which has been abandoned since the sometime in the 1970s. I cannot find a ‘Series’ equivalent to 49 mm, so which one did you buy? (On fleabay many are advertised as Series VII/52 mm but Series VII = 50.8 mm)


I bought a 49mm dia series VII

Hope that helps

170819 Liverpool Catholic Cathedral Fisheye X100F by David Yeoman, on Flickr


Not really. Even more confused now. Guess I’ll not bother.
But thank you for answering.


OK here is picture of attachment


There is one here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/jessop-semi-fish-eye-attachment-lens-/172827194571?hash=item283d4db4cb:g:F~UAAOSw1blZmEhO but it looks like its got another thread adapter screwed into the 49mm, but this should come off, giving you a 49mm thread only £5 at the moment


A couple of months ago i had the same idea, using a 49mm thread fisheye for skate photography on my X100T. Hm now I’m triggered again :thinking:… btw interesting results!


You will need the WCL as well to get a full circle, without the WCL you get a fish eye effect with a wider image but the circle is chopped top and bottom. Interestingly you will have to shoot RAW as well, as the in camera JPG processing automatically chops a small amount off top and bottom of the circle with the in-built WCL distortion correction (of course you don’t have to tell the camera that you have a WCL fitted)

Hope you find one, and enjoy it.

170819 Liverpool - Library Roof by David Yeoman, on Flickr