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Hey there! I'm Samuel Zeller (4)
Hi all, I'm Alex @alex_isurugi , London UK (2)
Greetings! I am newbie (1)
Hello, I'm Leo (1)
Hello, I'm Guillermo from Washington, DC (3)
Hello, I am Robin from the netherlands! (1)
Hello! My Name is Juan Lopez : Instagram: @j_l_stories (1)
Hi, from İstanbul (1)
Hola! I'm Fran Velasco from Madrid (1)
Hola! I am Roland Matos (1)
Hello I am Molle from Sweden (4)
Hello Everyone ,Luis is my name, I'm from Portugal by the sea (5)
Hello! Åsa from Sweden (2)
Hi,my name is B from Sacramento, California (4)
Norway calling (1)
Hei ho, I am Retus :) (1)
Hello from Seattle, WA (1)
Hello from Florida! (1)
Hello from Central Virginia (1)
Hello from North Carolina (2)
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Hi, from Luxembourg (1)
Hi From Australia (1)
Hello all from Barcelona (3)
Hey guyz from Paris, France (1)
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Hi From Nepal (3)
Fernando from NY (1)
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